Thursday, 24 January 2008

Link for COMIC LIFE 30 day demo

For those of you who want to get to know our new Comic authoring software, there is a demo (it will stop working after 30 days unless you buy it). It can be downloaded by clicking on:

Note that you must either have Windows XP (service pack 1 or 2) or Vista for it to work - ask me if you are unsure of this.

Print out and bring in any comic creations that you are particularly proud of!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Fun with forces

As promised - here's the link to the game that we played at the end of science today:

Remember - both the earth's and the moon's gravity will attract the rocket. The earth's gravity is SIX TIMES STRONGER than that of the moon (or looking at it another way, the moon's gravity is one sixth that of earth).

You must use the gravitational forces as well as the strength and direction of the rocket's thrust (push force) to dock with the space station.

Good luck!

Comparing fractions!

Mr Hanley's maths group will be continuing their work with fractions this week.

Have a look at:

This will help you to practise finding simple equivalent fractions.

Also - great to hear from Abubakar in the comments for the last two posts. Abubakar - if you would like my teaching slides for the Gamemaker lessons then pop into HQ and I'll print them for you. You'll be programming games in no time!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Game Maker

For those of you who are eager to start using your game programming skills, the GameMaker program can be downloaded for free from:

You will need to create an account to download the program. If you have any problem doing this then let me know.

There are loads of tutorials on the site if you want to get ahead of our ICT unit. You can also try some of the games that other people have written (the parachute one is great fun but a bit gruesome!)

Let me know how you get on!