Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Raneem's superb logo pattern!

Here's Raneem's excellent logo pattern:

Looks very interesting indeed - I'm guessing two loops are involved here? Perhaps you could let us know just how you achieved it, Raneem. Well done!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Improved Logo program

I've managed to find a newer and improved version of the MSWLogo program that we've been using in school. It's called FMSLogo and it can be downloaded from:


It's the same program but has much better help pages which work in Vista, and the 'To' mode (the little window that pops up when you use the 'to' keyword) is bigger and easier to edit in.

If you are pleased with your logo drawings or maybe even some image manipulations, then save them and email them to:
so I can have a look. If they're really good then I'll post them up here!
(Remember, to save your logo drawing, go to Bitmap -> save as and select the 'GIF' filetype then choose a filename).

Friday, 23 May 2008

Macromedia Fireworks

Here's the link to the trial edition of Fireworks - the image manipulation software that we have been using in ICT:


Download and install and get creating!

MSW Logo software

As promised - here's the link to the Logo program that we used in maths this week for repeating patterns:


I was pleasantly surprised by just how much you remembered from your year 4 ICT unit! Remember - use the 'Help' section of the program to help you to remember some of the trickier commands.

To get you started, see if you can figure out what this script will do:

to poly :sides :size
repeat :sides[fd :size rt (360/:sides)]
(Remember that a word that starts with a ':' is a variable which can be used instead of a number)

Then type in...
poly 6 200
poly 10 50

Ok - that was a bit nasty! Here's something interesting - you know how to draw, say, a twelve sided shape:

repeat 12[fd 200 rt 30]

When logo draws the shape, it turns through 360 degrees in 12 steps - so 30 degrees each step. Now try the same but instead of turning 30 degrees, turn 180 degrees MINUS 30 degrees instead. So:

repeat 12[fd 200 rt 150]

You end up with a nice effect! Can you do a 20 sided one? This doesn't seem to work with all shapes. Maybe needs some further investigation!

Have fun!