Thursday, 13 December 2007

That maths problem...

For Mr Hanley's maths group (and for Miss McCarney's if you fancy a challenge):

A 2 litre jar of water is left on a shelf. 20% evaporates per day. How much will be left at the end of each day for the first 5 days?

HINT: The answer is not 1 litre - think about how much 20% of the water will be on each day.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

That was Maths Week

And what a brilliant week Maths Week was... well done for working so hard at all the maths related activities we did. Also well done to all who took part in the HQ Times Tables Championship, and congratulations to Ali for coming second!

Some sad news... Abubakar in 6Q left us for pastures new on Friday - goodbye and good luck Abubakar! Keep checking the blog to find out what's going on in your old class.

Abubakar requested that I upload the Tables Time Trial program that we used in the final of the championship. Well - I've fixed a couple of minor bugs, and now it can be found at...

Post a comment to let us know your best score. Also let me know if there are still any bugs for me to fix!

I'm adding a poll for you to vote on what your favourite part of maths week was - so vote now!