Monday, 10 May 2010

Top Tips for the English SATs test

Here's the link to the excellent Top Tips for the English SATs test booklet which you were given last Friday:

Definitely worth another look!


Anonymous said...

hey mr h its lyna here... you know your ex student in year six in highbruy quadrant i hope you remember me any way i am doing very well in school and i hope you are enjoying your time at princess may i think thats the school you're at.

Mr Hanley said...

Hi Lyna!

Great to hear from you and nice to know you are doing so well.

Things are going well too here at Princess May. In fact I've just started another animation project with Year 6 for the first time since I did that with your year. So far so good :) I expect you're doing some very clever things in ICT at HF.

I'm sure I'll see you some time at one of the HQ International Evenings.

All the best!

Mr Hanley