Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Year 6 Animation Project 2011

Children in Year 6 who have taken part in our Animation Project this year have now finished two fantastic films!

The quality of animation is absolutely amazing this year as I am sure you will agree. After designing and making their characters out of plasticene, children had a little help with creating and shaping their stories and some technical training on stop-motion animation techniques. They then worked almost entirely independently to produce their films. Mr Hanley assisted with recording, editing and sequencing their film's dialogue and sound effects.

Films were made using Zu3D animation software and a simple webcam. Sound effects were downloaded from and music from

Anyway, on to the films...

The first is all about Vlad the Vampire's first day at secondary school:

The next is about a mouse called Joe who is fed up of being bullied by Tiddles the cat:

If you want to try for yourself, get hold of a simple webcam and download a 30 day trial of Zu3D's fantastic animation software. Let us know how you get on!

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